Challenge your Mind !


The brain or the senses… The senses or the brain. Let them fight it out with our glasses that disrupt human perception and see who wins the battle!

🎯Occupy your guests and make your events more Fun! First of all, it’s a great way to entertain your guests young and old and also to break the ice 🧊 between people who would not know each other or not much.

On the occasion of a private party such as a wedding celebration, a private cocktail party or a birthday party, or for the organisation of a company party or a company anniversary.

If you wish to exchange a game in a pack for another game in the catalogue, please send us a request. Each game comes with an easel (A5 format) with the rules. We can also provide a game master. 

You enjoy your event, Be Funky Game takes care of the rest:

  • delivery and installation of your games on site
  • dismantling the games at the end of the performance
  • we can provide you with supports if you lack them
Mind Maze

The challenge is to draw a line with a marker at the entrance to the centre of the maze using glasses that turn the image upside down.

Reverse Propeller

The task is to assemble an electrical chain according to certain rules and launch a propeller into the air.

Bonsai Zen.

Players must build the “tree” by adding new “branches” so that the structure does not collapse. If your tree falls, you lose.

Upside-down Golf

Players are allowed three attempts to get the ball in the hole. It sounds simple, but in our glasses it’s quite an adventure…!


Just try sitting on a chair and putting on spacious galoshes over your shoes without using your hands…

Mirror of Mind

You need a mirror to enter the game. Players take the marker and start the game. The task is to complete the maze and reach the centre or connect the dots. It sounds simple, but in the mirror it is quite an adventure…!