For a birthday party, our games are the best way to forget about smartphones, tablets and game consoles for a while and enjoy playing with friends again.

🎯 Our game stations are unique, fun and ideal for memorable entertainment and are designed for all audiences, children and adults alike.

If you wish to exchange a game in a pack for another game in the catalogue, please send us a request. Each game comes with an easel (A5 format) with the rules. We can also provide a game master. 

You enjoy your event, Be Funky Game takes care of the rest:

  • delivery and installation of your games on site
  • dismantling the games at the end of the performance
  • we can provide you with supports if you lack them
Pop It

Blue or red? Who’s going to get active the fastest? Put on our balloon helmets, put on your pumps and let’s go!


Special equipment that allows players to see the world from above. Running a short distance, assembling a pyramid of coloured pieces on a table, or swapping bodies, the challenge possibilities are endless.

Mind Maze

The challenge is to draw a line with a marker at the entrance to the centre of the maze using glasses that turn the image upside down.

Fruit Band

With this interactive music station, you can create sounds and music when you touch fruits or flowers. It can also be used as a challenge

Scream Race

The task of each player is to shout as loud as possible into the microphone. The louder you shout, the faster your robot runs to the finish line.


Just try sitting on a chair and putting on spacious galoshes over your shoes without using your hands…

Upside-Down World

With the invertoscope, the space around the observer appears in reverse. The scenarios of use are then infinite: a football tournament, an obstacle course, axe throwing